Recycling That Works


Green City,  in partnership with Bigbelly Solar, is the only company uniquely focused on providing financially attractive and intelligent solutions for public space waste and recycling.  We believe in marrying the power of corporate partnership with the attractiveness of a modern and efficient waste and recycling system.  We are committed to promoting environmentally responsible solutions that serve the greater community.

Resource Optimization

Green City partners with Bigbelly Solar, Inc. to offer the Bigbelly Smart Waste and Recycling System which is designed to reduce pollution and public waste,  lower the on-going operating costs of waste management, and increase recycling.  We work within our clients' budgets to devise realistic solutions by subsidizing the upfront capital costs of implementation.  We manage the upkeep and cleanliness of all installations to ensure that they are additive to the appearance of public spaces and well-perceived by the community.

Keeping Out the Critters

System Benefits

  • žUtilize city resources more efficiently by reducing the cost of collection.
  • Remotely monitor stations to eliminate overflows.
  • žSeparate recyclables to promote commitment to environment and to generate revenue.
  • Reduce carbon footprint by utilizing solar powered stations and by reducing truck routes.
  • Eliminate pest and rodents through completely enclosed and secured stations.
Sustainability Spotlight

System Cost

Green City partners with leading regional and national advertisers to substantially subsidize the purchase and installation of the Bigbelly waste management stations and provide on-going cleaning and maintenance of stations.

For more information on the Bigbelly Smart Waste and Recycling System, please click here