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Green City partners with municipalities to offer innovative, street-level advertising opportunities in the most highly trafficked and desirable areas of major cities.
Green City offers advertising opportunities on solar recycling kiosks throughout Atlanta, Brooklyn, New York and Philadelphia.  These environmentally friendly, street level fixtures are located on the most high-profile streets and sought after downtown neighborhoods where there are few out-of-home alternatives.
The wrap-around branding stands out on crowded streets and is visible to both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  The high density of the kiosks enables your brand to dominate a neighborhood.

All Green City locations are audited by Geopath (formerly Traffic Audit Bureau for Media Measurement.)  See


  • Extend the reach of your ad campaign and build frequency by broadening your campaign beyond the home.

  • Convey point-of-sale reminders moments before a purchase decision is made.

  • Display directional messages and proximity messaging to help commuters find your businesses or retail location.

  • Encourage direct response to your ad with “call to action” messages, such as website URL’s, phone numbers, QR codes, etc.

  • Maximize your presence in the most densely trafficked, downtown areas.

  • Place your ad on 3 or 4 sides of kiosk to reach people traveling in all directions – both on foot and in vehicles.

  • Dominate a neighborhood by advertising on multiple, densely located kiosks.

  • Communicate effectively through precise geographical and demographic targeting.

  • Deliver competitive, cost-effective OOH impressions.

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